Save on your pet's dental care

Signs your pet is bored

Have you ever wondered what your pet does when you’re not around? Many of us think they can keep themselves occupied all day. The reality is that when pets are alone and without stimuli, they can get bored and even develop behavioural issues.

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Pet seizures and how to respond

Just like humans, our pets can also suffer from seizures. Whether caused by a pre-existing condition or seemingly out of the blue, it is important as a pet parent to understand the causes, signs and how to respond.

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Coronavirus and your pets

As COVID-19, or Coronavirus, is continuing to spread worldwide, we would like to address the concern of the virus spreading from animals to humans or vice versa.

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Keeping seniors safe this summer

All pet parents need to be aware of the dangers of a hot summer to the pet. However, when it comes to our senior pets, the hot weather may present a more serious risk to their health. Your senior furry family member will thank you for taking the time to go through these summer senior tips!

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Keeping pets safe during the hot summer months

We’ve all been longing for idyllic, warm summer days, but it is important to remember that heat can present some challenges for our dogs and yes even our sun worshipping cats. Here’s some advice to keeping your pets happy, healthy and cool during the summer months.

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Why feeding premium food to your pet is best

Given there is just so much information out there and a so many different choices and offerings, it can all get a bit confusing, even for those of us who work within the industry.

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Santa's Naughty List: Christmas Dangers for your pet

While we celebrate Christmas and indulge in the holiday season, it is important to remember to be mindful of our furry family members.

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A safe family Christmas

Us pet parents love to spend Christmas with our babies, spoiling them with gifts and treats. Who among us hasn’t bought their dog a treat filled Christmas stocking or their cat a festive cat nip toy? I know you are all nodding! There are however, some dangers to be aware of during this season. 

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Pet Tips for Guy Fawkes

Guy Fawkes can be an exciting time of the year for us. But for our furry family members it can be a scary and traumatic event.

Here are the top ten tips to keep your pets feeling stress free during the firework season

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