A safe family Christmas

Us pet parents love to spend Christmas with our babies, spoiling them with gifts and treats. Who among us hasn’t bought their dog a treat filled Christmas stocking or their cat a festive cat nip toy? I know you are all nodding! There are however, some dangers to be aware of during this season.

Here are some tips to get through this season with happy and healthy pets:

No chocolate under the tree

A box of chocolates is always a great go-to present but with their superior sense of smell, dogs will sniff out that sweet treat in five seconds flat! If you want to get your wife her fave box of choccies, don’t put it under the tree. Keep it somewhere high where prying paws can’t reach it.

Keep the Christmas cake and mince pies safe

Christmas cake and mince pies both contain large amounts of raisins that are highly toxic to dogs and can cause their kidneys to shut down. If you want to avoid a trip to the emergency vet, keep that cake safe and no matter how much they may beg, don’t share with your pooch.

Christmas dinner isn’t for everyone

Although you may think Christmas dinner is a pretty innocuous treat for humans and pets alike to gorge on, too much can be a bad thing for your pets. If you want to share with your furry bestie, make sure not to include the following: Onions and other bulb vegetables, potatoes, stuffing, large amounts of turkey and any sauces or seasoning. These are all very rich, salty and dangerous in large quantities and can lead to issues such as pancreatitis.

No bones

You may be unsure of what to do with those turkey bones after dinner is over but don’t be tempted to give them to your dog to finish. Cooked bones can be very dangerous as they are brittle and tend to splinter. This can cause injuries to the throat, stomach or intestines and can lead to bleeding and tearing and the need for emergency surgery.

Follow these tips and you will have a safe and Merry Christmas with your family both furry and otherwise!