Keeping safe this spooky season

Halloween spirits slowly starts to creep on in and the children come out to play. Here are some handy tips to keep you furry family members safe this spooky season.

1. Chocolate covered lollies are for us, not them!

As many of you know, chocolate doesn’t sit as well with our four-legged friends as it does with us two legged beings.  As many children may be running around with sugar highs, it is important to let them know to keep a watchful eye on the mischievous places they made hide their Halloween stash. Canines have a much more powerful sense of smell and can seek out almost anything if they put their minds to it.

2. Keep them feeling safe

Not all pets are excitable, face licking, slobber greeting machines when they are introduced to someone new... and that is completely ok. Sometimes something as much as a doorbell may tend to put them on edge, cause fear or aggression. It is important that we make them as comfortable as possible. Perhaps a quick spritz of Feliway or Adaptil to help calm the mood. Or something as simple as putting a sign up outside, letting little trick or treaters know to perhaps skip this house and try the next.

3. To dress up or not to dress up

As cute as they may be in their birthday suits, you may be thinking now’s the time to dress them up. It is important that we must remember to see how they handle the outfits at first. Pet friendly costumes have been created with many safety aspects, but much like ourselves, every pet is different. Keep a close eye on them, make sure they are not showing any signs of stress after being placed into something unfamiliar. Also make sure the outfits are not too tight, which could lead to injury.

We wish you a happy Halloween season which brings giggles and festive cheer, to everyone including our fluffy companions!