Meet Harry and Ron our adoption kittens

Yes, Ponsonby Vet have our own Harry Potter kittens with a very magical story to follow! These two rescue kittens had an extremely rough start in life. They were found wandering the streets and in poor health and condition.

Billie, who runs the Zen Cat Rescue, rescued and took the kittens in. Our team have been helping Billie with her rescue cats by helping to socialise them so they are happy and confident when they find their new family. When Harry and Ron came to us six weeks ago, they were two very shy and nervous kittens who hissed at everybody who tried to go near them. We have been spending heaps of time with them, gaining their trust and giving them lots of love and attention. Now six weeks later, they are little purr machines who love getting chin tickles and tummy rubs and they are so full of cuddles! These two beautiful boys are very close companions so will be rehomed together.

We are now waiting for Harry and Ron to find their loving forever home. If you are interested in giving them their forever home, please call our clinic on (09) 360 0961.