Meet Ivar, a 6-week old kitten

A beautiful six-week old kitten, now called Ivar, was handed into our Herne Bay Clinic by a very caring police officer. Ivar had been reported to be wandering on the Auckland Harbour Bridge only two days prior to being handed in to us. Unfortunately, on his arrival, it was obvious that he had no use of his hind legs. He was in extreme pain and shivering from the cold.  We initially thought he had a broken pelvis, but x-rays showed there were no broken bones. He was taken home by one of our lovely nurses and it was soon apparent that this was one special little kitten. Despite his disability he was so happy and playful. 

On his second night with our nurse she noticed his toes were starting to flex, and he then started stretching his legs. There was hope that he would be able to use his legs again! Sadly a few days later he presented with a distended bladder and wasn’t able to pass urine. We suspected his urethra was blocked by a blood clot. After several attempts to unblock him we were successful, and he finally was able to urinate on his own. We will have another update in next month’s newsletter about Ivar’s progress.