Meet Jimmy

Jimmy is a beautiful one-year old cat who was rescued a few months ago.  Jimmy, along with his brother and two sisters, were on their way to the local vet to be put to sleep as they were considered too “feral”.  Fortunately, someone intervened and contacted Billie from Zen Cat Rescue. 

Billie is actively involved in rescuing and rehoming abandoned cats and has done some tremendous work over the last few years with her rescue charity, Zen Cat Rescue.

It wasn’t long before Jimmy’s brother and sister were adopted out together by a loving couple but Jimmy struggled to find his forever family.  Billie decided it was best if Jimmy spent some time with us here at Ponsonby Vet to build his confidence.  Needless to say, it worked wonders.  When Jimmy first came to us he was a shy, timid boy who would hide under his blanket. Although he never showed any signs of aggression, it was obvious he was afraid of his surroundings and any person who came near him.  With a little bit of patience and time and lots of love and attention, Jimmy has transformed into a confident, happy, affectionate cat.

And yes, this story has a further happy ending.  Jimmy has now found his forever family.