Pet Tips for Guy Fawkes

Guy Fawkes can be an exciting time of the year for us. But for our furry family members it can be a scary and traumatic event.

Here are the top ten tips to keep your pets feeling stress free during the firework season

  1. Start de-sensitisation early. Planning the sound of fireworks on a phone or radio to get them used to the sound.
  2. Providing a den or hiding places for your pet to hide. This can be their crate or anywhere they feel safe.
  3. Keeping both cats and dogs inside during fireworks. It's always important to know their microchip information or knowledge that your vet clinic has their microchip in case they get scared and run away.
  4. It’s a good idea to walk dogs earlier in the day. It's important that they have some mental stimulation which will help them settle easier later on.
  5. Keeping ALL doors and windows closed. This is to ensure no one can escape but also helps drown out the noise.
  6. For a little cat. Provide plenty of litter trays
  7. Close all curtains and distract them by putting the TV or radio on a high volume. Also provide them with toys and chews.
  8. Staying positive with your pet and don't punish them - this will just make them more distressed
  9. Using Adaotil and Feliways defusers leading up to firework season. This will create an already calm environment before guy fawkes begins.
  10. Try not to leave your pets alone when the fireworks are going off.