The Dreaded Itch - Meet Ralph

Are you keeping on top of your flea and worm treatment regularly, bathing your pooch, consistently going through their fur to check for any unwelcome creepy crawlies that may have invaded their space and finding absolutely nothing? Yet your pooch will halt instantly when they’re having a zoomie moment to stop for an itch? Roll on their back to wiggle like a worm across the floor or are continuously gnawing on their body?

Your pup might just have a skin allergy.

Ralph is a ridiculously good looking (not that nurse Mel is bias) 1 year old Tibetan spaniel who had the same issue. His favourite activities include:

  1. Rolling in long grass
  2. Rolling in sand
  3. Getting extremely muddy from any type of puddle
  4. Playing with his best friend, Boots (the cat)

Three out of theses four activities were causing him to itch. He was gnawing got so extreme that he started to lose his fur and developed a rash. Ralph needed to ditch that itch! He received one Cytopoint injection and the results seemed to be effective immediately. Ralph seemed to calm down instantly. He didn’t itch his legs. He stopped waking up sporadically to itch when he is sleeping, and nothing gets in the way of his zoomie time (apart from maybe mum with his harness).

The injection can last for 4-8 weeks or as advised by your veterinarian. It’s safe for dogs of all ages and can be used with many common medications.
If your pooch’s quality of life is being affected by their allergies or skin dermatitis contact us today for a consultation with one of our fantastic veterinarians to discuss if the Cytopoint injection is right for your furry family member.

Just like Ralph, your pup can become one of those dogs that ditches the itch!